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  • Three Widely-used Machines for Tape Production
  • BOPP coating machine is mainly used for BOPP coating. This tape production equipment enjoys a wide application range; and it can be designed according...
  • Characteristics & Uses of Inorganic Waterproof Glue
  • The most general waterproof glue used in construction industry is organic glue. The production process of this kinds of glue is quite complecated and the price is high...
  • Characteristics & Application of Pressure-sensitive Adhesives
  • The so-called pressure-sensitive adhesives can be used without solvents or heat. You only have to press the adhesive against some article, and the adhesives would stick to the surface....
  • Which Countries Produce Protective Film?
  • Protective film, though mainly originates from Japan, South Korea , and United States, is massively produced in China. There're more factories in China. Currently, Japan and South Korea mainly produce high-end...
  • Characteristics and Applications of Eco PET Tape
  • Eco PET tape is widely applied to many areas in industries. It's especially useful in profession of PCB board during impregnation process, preventing the circuit board from pollution. It's also...
  • How to Select Adhesives?
  • When you choose some adhesive, you'd better know the following details. 1. Properties of object which is to be sticked, including type of material, chemical properties (such as...
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